Biologischer em kraft Raumspray 250ml aus 100% nachwachsenden Rohstoffen. Neutralisiert unerwünschte Gerüche, harmonisiert, schafft ein angenehmes Raumklima. Mit Effektiven Mikroorganismen, Manju und Duftstoffen. Für Wohnräume, Arbeitszimmer und Fahrzeuge.

Room spray 250ml

Room spray 250ml

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The room spray neutralises unwanted odours, harmonises and creates a pleasant room climate. In addition to Effective Microorganisms, the room spray has been enriched with EM ceramics, Manju (an extract of green papaya, natural rice, rice bran and brown algae fermented with Effective Microorganisms) and natural fragrances.

Can be used in all living and working areas as well as in vehicles.

Activated water, effective microorganisms, EM-X, EM-Ceramic, Manju, Manju Sea Salt, natural essential oils, organic sugarcane molasses.

Environmental information & compatibility:
Probiotic, from 100% renewable resources.

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