Organic and effective!

You want your home to shine in new splendor, but you are skeptical about organic cleaning products? With em kraft cleaners, you can do it easily - and use the power of nature to do it. The basis of our cleaning products are effective microorganisms. They not only dissolve dirt, but also create a positive microclimate as constructive microorganisms. This means that they produce antioxidants and keep unwanted germs at bay. The result: less dust, fewer odors, cleaner for longer.


Purity and a positive microclimate can not only be felt, but also measured. The national Culture Collection of Switzerland conducted a six-month study of the bacterial contamination of Zugerland Verkehrsbetriebe buses and came to the following results:

The bus staff took samples from frequently used surfaces, such as stop buttons or handrails, at different times before and after cleaning, which were then examined in the CCOS laboratories for the number of germs, i.e. the germ-forming units (CFU). The CCOS standardized the results and also used different, selective culture media to be able to make a statement about harmful intestinal bacteria (enterococci), fungi and skin bacteria (staphylococci). As expected, the analyses of the conventional chemical cleaning agents showed a reduction in the number of germs by up to 70%.

"With em kraft cleaning products, the average germ count was only half of the total number of germs before cleaning."

The total number of germs with em kraft increased briefly immediately after cleaning due to the active germs in the EM products. The number of intestinal bacteria was at a harmlessly low level with both cleaning methods. However, slightly fewer intestinal bacteria were found in relation to the total number of germs with em kraft. This means that the unwanted intestinal bacteria can be displaced even better by EM bacteria.

"The reduction of skin and fungal germs with em kraft was on average 70 to 100%, just as good as comparable chemical cleaning agents."

The air in the buses was also tested for germ contamination, as the ventilation was cleaned with em kraft. Here, a similar picture emerged as with the surfaces: The air again showed a lower germ contamination before cleaning and fewer intestinal bacteria and fungi were found.

"In summary, it can be said that em kraft's cleaning products can keep germ counts at a lower level than chemical competitors, although the latter show a greater reduction in germs in the short term."


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