What is EM?

The basis for em kraft is formed by so-called effective microorganisms, 100% natural cultures of yeasts, photosynthesis and lactic acid bacteria. In addition, em kraft products contain further microorganism cultures that serve to optimally break down hydrocarbons and cellulose and thus free the surfaces from oily and fatty residues. Essential oils supplement the dirt dissolving power and provide a pleasant scent.


All components of our em kraft product range work in an absolutely natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly way. They enable a regenerative microclimate and have a long-lasting cleaning effect.

Waste water and environmentally friendly, reduces odours, antistatic effect on surfaces, less deposits in the drain pipes, degenerative micro-organisms have no more room.

Truly stustainable
100% renewable raw materials. They are probiotic, which means they have no negative but a positive effect on our environment: water, sewer and sewage treatment plants, biosphere. The products are refillable and the packaging is recyclable. Locally produced with Swiss microorganisms, manufactured and packed in Zurich Wädenswil.

More details

  • No harmful or carcinogenic ingredients
  • Complete avoidance of environmentally critical ingredients
  • Free from genetic engineering
  • No animal testing
  • No palm oil
  • VOC-tax-free
  • Abstention from unnatural perfumes
  • Complies with EU and Nordic Ecolabel
  • Vegan