What exactly do Effective Microorganisms do?
Effective Microorganisms (EM) are 100% natural cultures of yeasts, photosynthetic and lactic acid bacteria. They feed on dirt and then degrade naturally. However, until they decompose completely, they ensure long-lasting indoor hygiene, because the active ingredients remain on the object for some time after the cleaning process and "eat" the dirt, which forms again over time.

How is it supposed to get clean without disinfection?
Disinfection kills all bacteria on application, but they are back again within hours. This is different with em kraft, the microorganisms remain active on the surface. So it stays clean longer, odours and rotting are prevented and a positive room climate is created.

What does probiotic mean?
Our products are created in harmony with nature and have a positive effect on water and the environment. Our aim is to create a natural balance between man and the environment.

Can I clean the whole house with em kraft?
Yes, our product range was developed for gastronomy and trade. Compact and for all applications. You can find our detailed guide for all rooms in our news section.

How can I try em kraft?
Start with the All-purpose cleaner and let em kraft convince you. Afterwards you can gradually replace all cleaning products with the Concentrate and the special cleaning products.
Or you can get our six-pack right away. With this complete package you can convert your whole house to EM.

What kind of products are available?
The basis is the All-purpose cleaner and the Concentrate. They have the identical formula and are suitable for all surfaces. They are supplemented by our special cleaners for the bathroom (Sanitary cleaner), windows (Glass cleaner) and kitchen appliances (Heavy duty cleaner). For the daily washing up and hands, there is our hand Dishwashing liquid, plus the Room spray and the Ceramic pipes for water revitalisation.

What does em kraft smell like?
Essential oils support the cleaning power of EM and at the same time provide a pleasant, subtle scent during application. After application, the effective microorganisms remain active and prevent decay and odours.