Four pack 4x 500ml with refill

Four pack 4x 500ml with refill

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  • 4 natural cleaners for everyday use
  • 3 refill bags
  • Effective microorganisms for long-lasting cleaning effect
  • 100% renewable raw materials
  • Highly biodegradable
  • Swiss made
  • Reusable bottles made from recycled PET


Environmentally friendly, practical and long-lasting clean: With this four-pack you can use the power of effective microorganisms in everyday life. All-purpose cleaner, sanitary cleaner, glass cleaner and hand dishwashing liquid offer you an all-round clean cleaning experience with a lasting effect. With the practical refills you can fill up your bottle twice and save packaging and money.

All-purpose cleaner 500ml - for all surfaces
Sanitary cleaner 500ml - for the bathroom and chrome steel
Glass cleaner 500ml - for windows, mirrors and touchscreens
Hand dishwashing liquid 500ml - for washing up
All-purpose cleaner 1l refill
Sanitary Cleaner 1l Refill
Hand dishwashing liquid 1l refill

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