Handmade Premium Soap Bar JAMAICA by mamaloha

Handmade Premium Soap Bar JAMAICA by mamaloha

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Handmade premium organic soap for a plastic-free lifestyle from the Swiss collective mamaloha. Designed for total body rehydration and cleansing, enriched with effective microorganisms from em kraft. Aloha from mamaloha!


Use mamaloha soaps for hands, face and the whole body. Store the soap in a dry place! For external use only. Store away from children.


Effective microorganisms. Olea europaea fruit (olive) oil. Organic cocos nucifera (coconut) oil. Organic butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter. Sodium hydroxide. Organic theobroma (cacao) seed butter. Organic ricinus communis seed oil. Natural mica powder. Organic lacandula angustifolia essential oil.


Weighing range:

Each handmade premium soap from mamaloha is unique. Each soap weighs approx. 90 g.

Mamaloha is a natural cosmetics company from Bern, produced with loving craftsmanship and exclusively in premium organic quality. The product range includes deodorants, body butters, nutritional supplements and sun protection for surfers. mamaloha.ch



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